Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shivaganga near Bangalore

There is a tourist spot near Bangalore on the Bangalore Tumkur Highway few kilometers before Tumkur which many people may not have an inkling about. The name of the place is Shiva ganga a tourist spot and a spot of Piligrimage. There are various kinds of legends and stories associated with this place.

I had visited this place and found it unique in many ways. This place Shiva ganga is a huge hill which can be conquered by any one on foot as special stairs are cut on the rock and it would take some two hours of steep and careful climbing to reach the summit largely thrived by many people. On the return from the summit there is a cave housing a Shiva temple.

Any one with  the will to embark on such a trip will have a pleasant day doing so and taking utmost care during the climb not to falter and prevent looking down the hill during the climbing process.

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