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GANESH S. Kozhikode, Kerala, India · ganeshs1461@gmail.com · 

EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY Computer science graduate with specialization in machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision, recently worked on analysing the correlation between energy supply, renewable energy production and country GDP.  Dependable organised team player with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.  

SKILLS Programming Languages: Python, C Databases: MongoDB, MySQL      WebDev Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php Machine Learning: Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, MATLAB.  

PROJECTS Data Analysis Pandas, Python        Developer 
• Project in University of Michigan Online Data Science Program. • Analyze correlation between energy supply, renewable energy production and country GDP. • Processed, cleaned and integrated data. Analyzed data to identify any specific relations. • Countries that depended higher on renewable resources had a higher GDP.  
Recommender System MATLAB        Developer 
• Movie recommender system by analyzing data from GroupLens Research. • Developed the movie recommender using collaborative filtering learning algorithm. • Achieved an accuracy of 70%. Performed hyperparameter tuning and improved the accuracy by 10%. 
         Facial Expression Recognition Keras, Python Developer 
• Deployed a solution that can identify the facial expression of a person which could assist doctors in mental health treatment.  • Created the architecture of convolutional neural network and achieved 76% accuracy. 
• Applied the model to real-time video streaming. Deployed the trained model to a web interface with Flask. 
                 Surface crack detection in Concrete Structures Tensorflow, Keras, Colabs                     Developer • Identify the surface cracks in building to facilitate proper recreational activities. • Implemented transfer learning with ResNet50 to obtain a 97% accuracy. • Deployed the model to mobile interface using Tensorflow Lite. Undergraduate Research  Python, Deep Neural Network          Project Lead • Analyzing the absorption spectrum of blood to identify foreign particles in blood samples. • Created a data-set of good and bad images, labelled them to make a binary classifier.  • Developed a neural network to identify the class and achieved 82% of accuracy. Undergraduate Project  Web–development, MySQL          Project Lead • Analyzing the marks obtained by students in university semester examination. • Developed a web scraping algorithm to obtain marks from university website.  • Designed and developed a database for easier computation. • Developed a website to present the marks of each student.  

 INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE Tata Consultancy Services - August 2018                                                       Kochi, Ernakulam • Payment on vending machines was done using hard cash. • TCS wanted to upgrade the vending machines to incorporate online payment in the vending machines.  • Redesigned and developed an architecture for online payment for the vending machine and generated a product key to identify product purchased. • Best presentation and solution.  
       Biztime IT Solutions – Aug 2017                        Bangalore  • Develop an application to keep track of spending habit of customer. • Developed the backend, kept tracks of monetary flow of the customer.  LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE MastersApply (Website)           Kerala • A non-profit website to educate students regarding Masters education abroad.               2019 - 2020  • Performed various tasks like website design, UI design, content writing, and digital marketing.  • https://mastersapply.com/    
       Veil Health Care Solutions (Startup)                                                                                    Kerala • To help the covid19 effected communities of Kerala.                                                            2019 - 2020 • Sold more than 50,000 healthcare products in Ernakulam and Kozhikode.  • Managed digital marketing, production and sales. • https://veilindia.com/   
Google – Developer Student Club (Lead)                                                   Kothamangalam, Ernakulam • Selected from a national list by Google as a Lead for their new DSC program.                2017 - 2018 • Facilitated training for 215 students in android application development.  • Enabled students to develop solutions for local business.  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s1HLL4S61u5wQ01hFgskGwjemuQqMN_y/view?usp=sharing   
Pre-Startup – Swasthya                                                                                    Kothamangalam, Ernakulam • Online sales and home delivery of medicines to patients.                         2017-2018    • Designed Marketplace business model and presented in Startup mission.   • Lesson learned and reason for failure was allocating too much time to develop a highly efficient service, which the customer felt complex to understand. 

EDUCATION Mar Athanasius College of Engineering Kothamangalam, Ernakulam Bachelor of Technology (Honors) Computer Science and Engineering GPA: 8.76 2015 - 2019  

CERTIFICATIONS Stanford Online Machine Learning (2020)    IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate (2020) University of Michigan Applied Data Science (2020) Service Marketing: A practical approach (IIT, Kharagpur) Soft Skills for Business Negotiations (IIT, Kharagpur)

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