Thursday, September 10, 2020


 There was an incident at Lowry Memorial school that could have gone awry that I realised the other day. In the afternoon lunch break there used to be some time to play  Cricket. It so happened one afternoon I was standing behind the wicket-keeper in front of one of the buildings and it appears to me that he deliberately let a ball pass through his hands and the ball suddenly hitting me below my left eye. Had it been few inches above it would have hit my eye. I was aghast and upset at school and on reaching home in the evening tried to hide the incident but my mother instantly noted the dent below my eye and my father arriving in the evening got upset and took me to hospital and was given an injection. I must have been in the fifth standard or so.

When I look back at this incident I sometimes shudder thanking heavens the speeding cricket ball did not damage my eye.

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