Friday, January 17, 2020


In the year 1999 I used to travel to Mumbai quite often sometimes directly fron Bangalore and sometimes via Goa working in Andheri(E) and living in Chembur and thereafter in Marol. The experience of travelling to  Mumbai I used to enjoy a lot.Lee Kuan Yew was once asked What should India be? and surprisingly he said If every city in India could become like Mumbai it would be ideal.I dont know fully well what he meant ,but conclude that in Mumbai according to him there is more co-operation among people.

I remember an incident around this time when I was travelling to Mumbai from Kozhikode the bus happened to reach Dadar at  3:00 AM and I was confused because the first local train is at 5:00.I still remember a cop posted at that point who told me to spend the intermission in a school bus parked near by and told me the first local goes to Andheri and he was checking on my well being often.He must be a police constable but he showed great concern for people and doing what was right beyond the call of duty. I was impressed by his conduct and concern.

I used to stay at a resort in Chembur and remember coming out mid-night for some stuff and all the shops were closed.Someone in the neighbourhood took me to the house of the shopkeeper who came out opened the shop just for my sake and sold me what I wanted.There are many such small instances in the city that somewhere left me impressed.

I must thank these people in particular and Mumbaikars in general for having inculcated such a positive culture and ethics and should maintain the same for ever.

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