Monday, January 13, 2020

CALICUTCITY:Kapad beach near Kozhikode Calicut

Kappad beach is the exact location they say where Vasco Da Gama touched the Indian soil after a nine month voyage from Portugual in 1498 (May 20 1498) landing at the beach with a reasonable crowd from his three sea carriers.

Kappad is some eighteen kilometers or so from the Kozhikode (Calicut) town.It would be ideal to take one of those buses going to Telicherry and alight at a point called Pookad and hire local conveyance to this point.

There is a Monument erected here to commemorate this journey and the step taken by Vasco Da Gama. The monument as of  now is few meters inland the sea having withdrawn from the land considerably over the last few centuries and this monument is now set adjacent to a housing locality.The beach is worth visiting and the sea and its vast expanse can be felt at this place.

Few hundred meters to the North of this point is another beach with a large rocky formation and some like to visit this place and feel the Sea from this rock.

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