Monday, June 24, 2019


It was somewhere in 1988 or 1989 ..I was working at the BPL Transformer shop in 80 Koramangala Industrial Estate where coils and transformers were made for Television sets.

There were two key power transformers made at this plant and I being basically an Electrical Engineer found great joy in handling these transformers. One of these transformers stepped down 230 volts to 15 volts..the problem started when Sanyo stopped the supply of these transformers and it had to be made in-house.These transformers were used in the LAN model which was a remote controlled TV.

The original Japanese transformer was very concise and elegant and duplicating it would be an herculean task..we tried to reverse engineer one of those transformers but were not successful which bespeaks of the competence of Japanese manufacturing technology.

However a local design was developed...some 3000 turns of 44 gauge  wire on the primary side..and some 300 turns of guage 34 on the secondary side with I think type 17 crngo laminations. I dont precisely remember the design but it was something like this. But the problem was it should withstand 4000 volts which it wasn't.

The problem is that majority of the Engineering personnel at BPL of that time were Electronics people who panicked at this issue but I knew it could be done.

One afternoon I wrapped the transformer tightly with three layers of teraoka tape and the transformer was withstanding 4000 volts. Many batches were made using my prototype and finally we succeeded in orchestrating a full plastic version similar to the Japanese one.

I did something at BPL in retrospect which saved the situation interim.

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