Sunday, June 30, 2019


It was in 1997 or so I got an information from Dr. Janardanan of  NIT Calicut that a souvenir was being released in Calicut Kozhikode to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the visit of Vasco Da Gama to the shores of Calicut which happened on  20th of May 1498.The souvenir was to be released by the Indo-Portugual Chamber possibly under the aegis of  the embassy of  Portugual in India.

I wrote an article about VASCO DA GAMA  which I found later was the first article in the souvenir. A copy of the souvenir was sent to me by post.Sadly later I lost the copy that was sent to me.In retrospect I believe it to be a very well written piece of  matter.

If any one who is reading this has a copy of this article from anywhere around the world kindly get in touch with me.

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