Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Not many  would appreciate today that the entire  KEMPEGOWDA  BUS TERMINUS in Subash Nagar - Majestic was once an hollow ground and Circus used to take place there for nearly three months every year.Circus....Cinema....and Cricket were the three prominent entertainers of the city all through the 1970.s  and very early 1980.s. BMTC buses used to be parked on the fringes of this hollow ground bearing two digit bus numbers for example 47 was from Majestic to K R Puram and most of the times these buses used to be full and jam packed.

I remember visiting the circus with my Father and brother in 1975 or so and it was a major gala affair that lasted for more than three hours and very entertaining for children.The habit of holding circus in this hollow ground ended somewhere in 1980 after a circus fire that killed nearly hundred people at this location and thereafter Circus at this venue was banned giving way to the BMTC and KSRTC bus stations as we see them and also the Metro station now

Note that this area of Majestic is also called Subash Nagar.

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