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Skin pigmentation's could be a concern for  many persons of various age groups.There could be many cuses and reasons for such pigmentations. The four causes of Skin pigmentations are as follows;

1.Pigmentations which are externally induced
2.Skin pigmentations that are internally induced
3.Skin pigmentations that  are self inflicted by mistake
4.Skin pigmentation's due to genetic reasons.

Let us go through them one by one in some detail;

Externally induced skin pigmentation's are common largely in youth and post-youth stage if one might call it due to dust and other carbon pollutants in the environment through which we live. A five year exposure can lead to such pigmentation's and are NOT permanent in nature.One of the causes of externally induced pigmentation's is sunlight -some components of the u-v radiations of the sun that leave dark spots more precisely on the face. Skin pigmentation's on the face can some times direct or in-direct embarrassing effects.Some times people dont note such things all too soon but only at some advanced stage.It is always good to have a good facial mirror in the house which is rectangular and fairly big enough and the mirror facing a white wall some four feet in distance. This is the ideal setting to see the face every morning which will give ,which will give precise understanding of pigmentation's. Weather conditions also in general create pigmentation's. Stress over a large period of time can also create pigmentation's.

Internally induced skin pigmentation's are those that occur due to causes of food and harmonal reasons.Most of these are short lived and in some cases might need medical treatments. Pimples are internally generated pigmentatins  coming from hormonal reasons. Such situations need management and will exixt for a specific periods of time.

One of the golden rules of handling facial skin pigmentation's is to be patient and not to embark upon some unsteady approach.Many pigmentation's  do diminish with time and need patience in the approach not to make a bad matter worse.

The third form of Skin pigmentation and a dangerous one is self inflicted one. Self inflicted by people who try to damage the effected area using some tools like the nails or some scrubbers and in some cases over application of some wrong medicines which will take decades to disappear.

The fourth form is genetic by nature some of them mostly in non face areas and have not much solutions and must be treated as a blessing.

When ever one sees pigmentation's the most important rule is not to over react to it.It can be handled.Even taunting from friends and relatives must not be treated in panic and  must be taken with utmost patience. The golden rule is not to make some mistake that would need further correction.Learn to first of all live with it sportively and work on it. Visiting the right doctor would be the right step and even ayurveda can provide solutions.But not to wrongly approach and treated  with panic.Watch it, understand it....and then treat it. Self treat it or take professional help. But not to MALTREAT it.

Now that we understand some of the causes of these pigmentation's let us try to see what to do about them.

One of the solutions is to meet the correct kind of doctor preferably a  skin specialist from a large hospital ..research must be done to meet the right and experienced person who first understands the problem....explains the problem to you professionally....explains the medicines prescribed  and the time duration through which results could be obtained..other wise self inflicted skin pigmentation would result for no no fault of yours. The doctor must take adequate time with you to explain the situation .Then follow the treatment according to the time scale and observe results.

Using the right form of facial powder in apt quantities every day also can act as a cure for some pigmentations.

For pigmentation's that are externally induced wash your face with lime water once every day. Pigmentation's on the cheek disappear faster because of the soft nature of the tissue and pigmentation's on the fore head take longer duration to disappear. However lime acts as a cleaning agent.You can also mix curd with it. You can also mix lime and milk.Add a pinch of turmeric to lime and the solution also can be used.Uderstand precisely- curd with lime;milk with lime and also turmeric a small pinch with lime.. Also try squeezing half a lemon fully into the bucket of water from which you take bath..this will act as a cleanser.Even small quantities of turmeric can be added into the water and this combination acts as a cleansing agent.

In non-bath situations  apply curd on the face and leave it for half an hour and then wash it with soap.The same procedure can be used with milk and also use the substance that appears on top of the milk after boiling and follow the same procedure.

Olive oil and Coconut oil are also useful. Apply olive oil on the face and let steam of boiling water on the face for five minutes and then wipe the face and  wash the face with soap.

You can mix lime juice with vaseline also and apply on the face and wash it with water.

What ever be the methodology used study the results closely and discard any procedure that may not be giving advantage.

Internally induced skin pigmentation's generally vanish after a brief period of time.When some one travels over a long distance covering various zones and eating different kinds of foods....pigmentation's can result. Wait for a few days and it might dissapear. How ever stabilise your diet.Drinking lime juice can also help.But stabilise your diet. Consumption of most kitchen vegetables on a regular basis have positive effect on the skin. Please take medical help in such situations and explain clearly to the doctor your activities over the past week or so.

The worst form of  Skin pigmentation are self inflicted largely fro use of excessive medicine. Chemicals form a patch on the skin which could be wrongly diagonized leading to further complications. However in such situations try aromatic hydrocarbons which can help ....maybe vaseline.....When at a petrol pump just take one drop of petrol with your finger and gently rub it on the effected area.Petrol will dissolve the chemicals.When at home wash the face with soap. This petrol procedure must not be done frequently  and only once a fortnight and see the result.


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