Saturday, October 10, 2015


There is an interesting and worth visiting venue some 110 kilometers from Bangalore called  Shivanasamudra....many know about it,,,,,some have heard about it and a sizeable must have visited it. It is truly majestic and enigmatic structure with an astounding view.

Strictly speaking the Shivanasamudra has two components a the Ganganchukki and Barachukki and I hope I have encrypted correctly. Talakad is close to this place.

It is Ganganchukki many people visit. When  some  one is at this place there is a stairway that goes downwards to a vantage view of the entire  set of falls. There is Hydroelectric  plant  to the left side which has tapped one of these falls to generate electricity. When at Ganganchuki at an elevation is a land mass close to which is Barachukki which means it is on the other side and possibly the water that comes into Ganganchukki comes from Barachukki. At full bloom it is a treat to see these falls.

Some six kilometres away is Barachukki on negotiating a bridge one comes to this point.This truly a very nice spot properly developed by the Government in the way of a well planned and set stairway that takes one downwards into a bed way of rocks from which can be seen the Barachukki falls. It is truly majestic and one gets few meters from the falls. The interesting part of this place is that tourists can tip-toe over boulders in shallow water and reach few meters from the falls.Many people enjoy the water at this place.

It needs an entire day to see and enjoy both Shivanasamudra and Talakad...the entire adventure would take three and a half hours of travel one way and one hour each at Ganganchukki...Barachukki ...and Talakad.

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