Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Should we get rid of Semester System ?

The Semester System is a concoction of the modern Education System also leading to trimesters and most of the educational patterns of our times revolves around Semester and Trimester and even Schools embarking such patterns. Is this good ? and does it serve some logic.

I am still some kind of a fervent crusader of the yearly system of education. Oft times the argument against this system is that it does not make a student busy for most part of the year and the approach is lackadaisical. I for one feel that the Semester and Trimesters only make work-a-day laborers largely bereft of any inclination what so ever to taste any element of profundity of any subject they study leading to close minded individuals with inability at problem solving situations.

I believe that any education process ultimately has two dimensions..the conditioning component and the cognitive component and both these components must go hand-in-hand.. The conditioning component makes a student behave and react  in certain ways and the cognitive component helps him assimilate in certain ways. Students and people in general can also be cognition dominant or conditioning dominant..cognition dominance is a tendentious propensity to learn through a thinking process  and conditioning dominance is a dependence on conditioning formats as guidelines to the learning process.

How can a student learn a course like Contract Law in a law college in six months ..or anatomy for that matter in a medical college in the same duration..or say Applied Mechanics in an engineering college within similar duration s. I have always wondered and what is the take-home if any a student gets by undergoing such procedures of Education.

However there could be many arguments around this issue..but I still believe an yearly system revolving around twelve papers with pre-programmed assignments and a final exam at the end of the year at a fundamental level would be adequate to do justice to the conditioning and cognitive components of education and if at all the rigor has to be enhanced the number of subjects could be increased to fourteen .

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