Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I S E C Institute for Social and Economic Change

There is an institute in this  city adjacent to a largely residential locality that has large stone buildings resembling an IIM and possibly doing path breaking work in the domain of Social Sciences and the existence of such an institute is unknown to many ,the public and intelligentsia alike.

I chanced upon to identify this institute one day during my visit to Nagarbhavi and had a stroll through its buildings and lawns. This institute owes its existence to Mr. Rao amd Mrs Indira Gandhi and what strikes me the most is that Mrs Gandhi gave her consent to the formation of such an institute with such a nomenclature the kind of which may not exist in many parts of the world because it personifies upfront "social and economic change" and was it a good venture - I think very much so- any society always needs platforms where from various issues can be discussed first and acted upon later. The lacuna somewhere is in the action and institutes like this must ensure that deliberations are followed with action.

I think this institute has ideal moorings to become the  LSE  London School of Economics of Bangalore and India . I don't know if this institute runs a two year masters course which it should do in right earnest the earlier the better focusing largely on social and economic issues of this country and the world . The focus must not be to create few people who would be driven to find placements but a bunch of people who can do something on the social and economic front  and the contents of the course largely delinked from the rigors of just studying for exam work but exams also asking students to portray original ideas in these crucial areas. Such an approach will go a long way in achieving the objectives around which an institute of this kind stands.

For those of you who would like to visit this institute take a bus to Nagarbhavi and this place is just walking distance.

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