Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Development and Motivation theory of People

For long gauging the conduct and abilities of people have always been a challenge and in spite of all advancements we come across , mankind has only embarked on a safe approach than a classical one and the approach seems to be working well with some exceptions.

Some years ago I happened to attend a conference conducted by Tack International an international training institution and the speaker being Eric Pillinger at Holiday Inn in Bangalore...who happened to put across a more refined and professional approach to people and their possibilities. Right from our educational system to many other avenues we need to have some re-understanding of the way we deal with people and its application to our vocations.

He classified people based on a trade-off between Motivation and Development. People can be seen as belonging to one of the following five classes....1.High on Motivation and high on Development 2.High on Motivation but low on Development 3.High on Development but low on Motivation 4.Average Motivation and Average Development 5.Low on Motivation and Low on Development.

What is the characteristic of a man with high Development and high motivation....generally works and enjoys a pressing time schedule and does high quality work...there could be characterized by other factor too and such people are called STARS ....such people also have some peculiarities in that they don't need day to day management but only need an organizational vision. In simple terms their effectiveness and efficiencies are high. They might have problems in working with teams but have a skill of performing without much supervision.

The next category is the one with High Development but low Motivation..generally who progress through a given scheme of work slowly and are largely driven by an idea regime. They spend most of their time trying to develop new things largely in the conceptual field though not necessarily. They work slowly and possibly come up with something unique after a period of time. Such people are largely misunderstood to be indifferent and lazy but many of them make their mark late in life depending upon the conditions around which they live. They largely find the education system cumbersome and sadly so a good number of them struggle through it..at the work place they may not get their due and largely a ms-understood lot. But the most important characteristic of these people is that they are value deliverers as against result deliverers.

People with high motivation but low development largely enjoy breezing through work with little rumination and are largely focused on obtaining results than anyting else..we see many such people in our day to day lives...they are not very creative and enjoy finishing work within time schedules and surpassing them and this is their key skill and they loathe the earlier variety of people who progress slowly through work namely the ones with high development and low motivation..they may even go to the extent of forgoing any principle in the way they work and they are constantly in search of more action with higher rewards. Many of the elite educational institutions of the world are likely to find a surfeit of such people and more than anything else they enjoy competing...but they have a weakness that they try to hide.."problem solving skills"

There are a class of people whose motivation is low and developmental skills are low..they work in an administrative way and become natural managers for their innate ability to handle people with high motivation and high development and they can act as a bonding force between these two sets of people in organizational settings. Note that the developmental skills and motivation of these people is low and not zero which means these skills are moderate in them.

The last set of people are with very poor motivation and very poor development and called dead-beats and may not be contributors in any form in organizational settings in any dimension

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