Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Principally there are three stadiums in Bangalore. The KSCA stadium of the Karnataka State Cricket Association, The Bangalore Football Stadium and the Kanteeriva stadium. The KSCA stadium stands at the end of the M G Road, the Football stadium in Richmond Town and the Kanteeriva stadium near the Richmond circle.

Mostly cricket matches are held at KSCA stadium ; once upon a time football matches were held regularly at the bangalore football stadium and athletics and other sporting activities in the kanteeriva stadium. The kanteeriva stadium has come up in the location that earlier was the Sampangi tank. The cubbon park is adjacent to this stadium.

As a boy I remember witnessing a foot ball match at the Bangalore Football Stadium between ITI Ltd and Orkay Mills - must be in the late or near-mid 70' s at the Bangalore Football Stadium.It was a close match and I very vividly remember the fine goal keeping of Bangera the goal-keeper of Orkay mills through whose consistent telent and effort the ITI team failed at making a goal all through the first half and had to execute the ultimate surprise and deceit in the closing minutes of the game to get a goal through one of the distinguished center forwards of the side whose name I dont recollect now. Sundareshan I think is the name of the goal keeper of the ITI side. These matches were played as part of the Federation Cup matches and in the finals ITI played East Bengal. Mohammedan Sporting, East Bengal, Mohan Bagan, ITI Ltd, Salgoacar, Dempo sports were the key football teams of India during this time.

I have not witnessed any cricket match at the KSCA stadium but had some association with the Kanteeriva stadium where as school boys were called upon to participate in taluk level volley ball matches and also in 1990 as a sprinter in BPL intramural competitions.

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