Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have visited few IIM's but the IIM kozhikode is truly fascinating.

Let me explain how IIM-B looked like in 1986 when I happened to pay a couple of visits. It was a large barren land with the central stone structure visible from far and few occasional flights that take off from the old Bangalore airport could be clearly seen gaining height above this stone structure. It was indeed a splendid sight that evening. I had met Mr. Ravi Kumar of the department of psychology during a subsequent meeting. The IIM-B today is a more refined structurally speaking and one of my recent visit left me spell bound in the consistency of architecture employed and the many parks and greenery abound. Indian educational institutions like the IIM's showcase to the world that primarily we are second to none when it comes to designing such educational enterprises of national significance. I had known the present director Mr. Pankaj Chandra earlier and happened to call on him some time back. I had met a HR professor Kalyani Gandhi in one of my visits.

I was thrilled when the govt was mulling setting up an IIM at Kozhikode may be something long overdue ...I dont know the exact year this enterprise was established possibly few years prior to the year 2000 and the IIM's did operate out of REC Calicut for few years before the present set up came up at Kunnamangalam. Kunnamangalam is an important node on the calicut-wayanad highway roughly 15 kilometers from Calicut / Kozhikode and can be approached through the civil station road or via the Medical college road that runs adjacent to the PG hostel terminating at Karanthur. Kunnamangalam was an important hub for we REC students too...the sindhu theatre down the junction where we were visitors for movie in the afternoon or evening. There was no bus stand in Kunnamangalam prior to 1984 and the present small bus stand coming up in the june of 1984 and the IIM is somewhere mid-way between Kunnamangalam and Karanthur. IIM Kozhikode can be called an IIM on the hill which it precisely is and possibly the only educational institute in the world where one cannot just walk into. This aspect must be adding some additional advantage and largely contributing to placidity essential to learning and assimilation.

I happenned to visit the interior of IIM Kozhikode in 2006 and the view from the IIM around is truly breathtaking the large stretch of vegetation that catches ones sight almost instantly a rare sight to be enshrined by any visitor who takes the rugged path from the base uphill. Somewhere I find Calicut/Kozhikode changing in that the various hills that signify the city going bald with the tonsuring of the trees that perch on them for human and economic ends a turn of events that does appall me...and if at all these trees are tonsured they must instantly give way for new saplings to replace the old. No one must compromise with the the green facade of Calicut or Kozhikode and any irresponsible attempt at defacing the trees must be countered healthily. I met Prf. Broaca and Prof. Bhatt during this visit and also dined with Prof. Bhatt.

IIM Kozhikode instantly puts Calicut/Kozhikode on the world map for various reasons and that the Govt. executed in all ts wisdom such an institute with professional designs is laudable and
K P P Nambiar was in some way a key figure in the conception and execution of this venture is somewhere enthralling to me.

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