Friday, December 30, 2011

Lt. General Satish Nambiar

Lt. Gen Satish Nambiar

Lt. Gen K P Candeth

Our part of India has provided India with a distinguished and thinking soldier in General  Satish Nambiar and it makes me happy that some one of our stock through perseverance has waded and peirced through uncertain situations to become an active Lieutenant General and retired after serving as the head of United Nations Multi national combat force in Yugoslavia and alsoas Deputy Chief of Army staff. I would have been happier if he had become the Chief of Staff of the Indian Army. Later he served as the Director for twelve years of the United Armed Services institute in Delhi.....I hope I have got the name of this institute right.

There was another Lt. General in the Indian Army K P Candeth who liberated GOA from the Portuguese control who I understand has his roots in our part of the world. He was also the first Lt. Governor of Goa.

The following is a video link showing Candeth;

Chenicheri is the name of the house of Lt. General Nambiar and a house often fondly spoken about of by my mother. Hats -off to Cherukunnu and Chenicheri...We want a Chief of Staff badly from this place.

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