Monday, December 12, 2011

Dr. O T George at NIT Calicut

At NIT Calicut during our time there was a professor who used to teach Mathematics. His name is O T George. He did some help to me which I cannot forget.

The subject Mathematics IV in the fourth semester was a very problematic one for me. For some reason this subject gave me trouble. It had Greens theorem in it and for some reason it took some time to get a hang of it. Recently I was going through Greens theorem all over again. So I decided to take some help from this great person who always had a smiling nature and was the warden of the B hostel when I enrolled at the hostel.

He did help me very willingly for about a fortnight and would sometimes inquire about my well being in the canteen. I used to visit his house almost every day during this period and one night there was no power and he taught me in candle light. Actually my room mate M M Shajan was instrumental in introducing me to Dr. O T George.

I always wanted to meet him after I graduated but could not for some reason and through this write-up let me thank him for his help and succor and his concern for me in surmounting the most difficult of hurdles at NIT Cali cut.

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