Monday, June 22, 2009


The Lowry Memorial School
 was a key school in the area of Dooravaninagar. It had an area of around sixty acres of land with many western style buildings in the school. When I joined school in 1969 I think Mr. Easterbrook was the principal. We used to have a week of prayer conducted in the school once every six months.

Mr J DAVID joined as a teacher of the school in 1975 and his sons ravi and steevi joined my class at 5th standard. I remember Jeffry Wilson who used to teach us english with distinction. Benedict wilson and fredrick wilson were students at the school anbd i think nephews of Jeffry. There used to be lot of fun and frolic in the school with a good number of dedicated teachers like Mrs. Starry, Deborah Vasantha , Mr. Sujjan john etc. There used to be a west indian lady by the name of Dollence Trot who used to teach moral education at this school I think in 1977-78 and she used to do a good job at it. I fondly remember Mrs. Balentine who used to teach mathematics at elementary school in the year 1974.

The administration of the school slowly passed into the hands of Indian principals . The basket ball court was introduced into the school in 1974. I came out of the school in 1980 after completing my 10th standard. Slowly the school went into becoming a college. Corn used to be grown in the farm along with vegetables.

I remember some good teachers' in the school; Mr. Paulraj used to teach Kannada (he used to stay near tin factory) , Another Mr. Paulraj used to teach us English (he later married the daughter of one of the earlier principals Mr. David; Livingstone used to teach maths etc. There used to be one Mr. K C Nagaraj from kengeri who used to teach Kannada. Miss Starry used to teach Science.

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