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The above is a view of the SAI BABA temple at Shirdi in Maharashtra. This place called Shirdi is a small town with a full fledged Government bus stand and is some four hours drive towards the north of Pune. Shirdi has an airport connected to many cities and the Pune - Indore highway runs through Shirdi.The towns yonder to Shirdi on this highway are Malegaon and Dhule and the travel time from Shirdi to Indore would be less than ten hours.

The general environment here is arid. The Government could do a good thing by planting more trees and ferns in this town and its environs.

The Shirdi Sai Baba temple which is generally thronged by many is close to the bus stand with a thick market place around it and to some extent resembles Guruvayoor temple found in Kerala.

From Bangalore the travel route would be through Davangere, Belgaum,Nippani,Kholapur,
Karad,Pune,Ahmednagar into Shirdi.One of my room mates at REC Calicut used to be a person by name Arvind Poal Masaji who hails from Nippani.

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