Tuesday, February 14, 2023



I had visited this structure recently and thought it un-just if I do not make some note of what I really saw.Gol-Gombuz which could mean " a round masoleum" has its architectural insight and inspiration from Turkish art of the Ottaman empire and was told took forty years to build and is basically a tomb of the kings of Bijapur.

Vijayapura previously known as Bijapur is the host to this structure and the entire city of Bijapur has various similar structures built by the Kings of Bijapur who could be of Turkish origins. Gol-Gombus is basically a rectangular structure some two hundred feet high on which rests a large dome some hundred feet high. It is spectacular in many ways. A very narrow alley of stairs which can house one person can be seen at the four corners and is a well designed  and engineered construction. I happenned to climb the entire stretch slowly but carefully and a view of the gardens from above is pleasant and fascinating.

People can climb the stairs on one extreme and alight from another extreme. The fact that such a meticulous structure was erected with high degree of engineering precision is a matter of praise.

A word of Caution: I found inadequate security staff maintaining the internals of this monument. People dont understand  how exactly to reach the top and alight..adequate security personnel must be provided by the Government who are pro-active to guide people through the entry and exit routes or in the event of some confusion a stampede could result which could have serious conscequences.

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