Wednesday, June 22, 2022



 Module-1 OB: Learning objectives, Definition & Meaning, Why to study OB, An OB model, New challenges for OB Manager LEARNING: Nature of learning, How learning occurs, Learning & OB Case Study Analysis 

Module-2 PERSONALITY: Meaning & Definition, Determinants of Personality, Personality Traits, Personality & OB PERCEPTION: Meaning & Definition, Perceptual process, Importance of Perception in OB MOTIVATION: Nature & Importance, Herzberg’s Two Factor theory, Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory, Alderfer’s ERG theory Case Study Analysis

 Module-3 COMMUNICATION: Importance, Types, Barriers to communication, Communication as a tool for improving Interpersonal Effectiveness GROUPS IN ORGANISATION: Nature, Types, Why do people join groups, Group Cohesiveness & Group Decision Making- managerial Implications, Effective Team Building LEADERSHIP: Leadership & management, Theories of leadership- Trait theory, Behavioural Theory, Contingency Theory, Leadership & Followership, How to be an Effective Leader CONFLICT: Nature of Conflict & Conflict Resolution TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS: An Introduction to Transactional Analysis Case Study Analysis 

Module-4 ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: Meaning & Definition, Culture & Organisational Effectiveness HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Introduction to HRM, Selection, Orientation ,Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Incentives ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE: Importance of Change, Planned Change & OB Techniques INTERNATIONAL OB: An Introduction to Individual & Interpersonal Behaviour in Global Perspectives Case Study Analys

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