Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Shringeri is a principal town in the modern state of Karnataka and is a town in a plateau of the Western Ghat  mountains  technically away from the plains and is on the banks of the river Tunga.


Centuries ago this place came under the ambit of the Kolathiri kings and passing over to successive rulers.This place is much less populated than other towns in Karnataka with minimal support systems. The Government and Private buses operate from the same stand.


The greatness of this place stems from Sharadambha temple and the Shringeri Math a nerve center around which the Vijayanagar empire grew. The temple city of Udupi is not very far from this city.The temple complex is some five acres of land adjacent to the Tunga river.Tulu is spoken rampantly at this place and has Yakshagana culture.

This is a monastery created by Adi Shankara Charya more than a centuty ago and there is a temple totally dedicated to him. All temples are within the same complex.


The weather in this place can be extremely cold and persons visiting this place must take adequate care. The shortest route to Shringeri from Bangalore is through  Chickamagalur  which is some eight hours and there are buses that ply to Shringeri through multiple routes  especially through Arsikere.

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