Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 My father used to routinely take me to a physician in Ulsoor Dr. Menon, when I was a kid for various kinds of inoculations and the last one was when I was about twelve. We used to take the local BTS bus(now BMTC) and get down at Ulsoor and had to take a walk through the in-roads to reach his clinic.Once we got a lift from some friend of my Father who was driving that way all the way from Ulsoor to my school gate. There used to be rush at his Clinic and we had to wait for long sometimes to see him.

Dr.Menon was an LMP I think.(Licenced Medical Practitioner).He was a fair and tall man with a bald head but very impressive in his candour.

Much later when I used to work at Graphite India his son-in-law Narayan Vilampil used to be my colleague. It would be worthy to mention that there was another prominent Physician in  Ulsoor by the name of Dr.Pillai during these times.

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