Friday, January 22, 2021


 Few years back I was walking one Sunday morning up the road from the Jubilee school and happened to hear the jubilation and preaching at the Shekinah church and happened to enter it and spend considerable time listening to the proceedings seated on a rear chair. The preacher was preaching vociferously in English and instantly translated into Tamil and it was time well spent.

This Shekinah church has an history and is part of the Penticostal Mission if Iam not mistaken and has had profound impact on the populace in Vijanapura for good.This church came up in 1970 or so largely spearheaded by a Pastor for whose consistent effort it is a Monolith that it is today,( and during inception was a very small hall resembling a hutment very visible to anyone who took the road uphill from Ramamurthy nagar to Vijanapura)  and has shaped into a formidable institution catering to the temporal needs of ther populace.This Pastor who set up ,maintained and developed this place needs to be given a special place in the names of people who shaped this hamlet called Vijanapura.

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