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RAHUL A MASUREKAR  Managing  Partner of  ACE CARBO-NITRIDERS in Peenya Industrial Area  Bangalore...An Engineering Graduate from BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES ....who put up ACE CARBO-NITRIDERS in 1974.

I  have written about Peenya Industrial Area earlier and many people from around the world must have had a look at it for the large conglomerate of  small scale sectors it has and has served as the back-bone of the economy of the city and the country for several decades now.The estate is a miracle in itself and I was personally associated with the minute aspects of the estate for many years.

In one such association I had the good fortune of  meeting and interacting with Rahul Masrekar who runs ACE CARBO-NITRIDERS which is in the heat treatment industry.I recently met up with him and was nice to see his enterprise having a much better strategic posture than the one I saw twenty years ago.The office staff were courteous to me and conducted me to his office.I even had a look at the plant working for few minutes and found a disciplined outfit.

Heat Treatment is an important component of any heat treatment the properties of materials change for the better and make it more valuable and the Economy in general need the large-scale support of such outfits.I  have seen heat treatment using gases and special electrical power equipment..some times high-power current devices that drive large current at very low voltages into charges.It is largely a metallurgical process and phenomena and is a speciality in itself. I must congratulate Rahul for having stuck to this field and progress in its various challenges.He services many formidable organisations in the country.

I have pasted some excerpts from his web site which organizations would find it interesting. 

ACE CARBO NITRIDERS is a pioneer in the Heat Treatment of steel parts. It is located in Bangalore, at the Peenya Industrial Estate, the largest industrial estate in South-East Asia. The total capital employed is 20 Million Rupees with a current plant capacity of 400 tonnes / month.

      1.    Heat Treatment Job Work
     2.    Metallurgical and Failure Analysis of Steel Components
    3.  Consultancy on Heat Treatment process and Plant setup


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