Thursday, February 13, 2020


PREM used to be my senior at REC Calicut I think by one year.He was a tall Man with sharp and frightening looks.He used to frighten us when we were freshers with his menacing approach and mannerisms.

But later I used to get along well with him.He used to be my neighbour in the top floor of the C hostel and I used to run into him almost everyday.

But an incident still lingers in my mind in the D hostel I think where we used to stay later.Both of us were playing cricket in the corridor and one of my shots hit one of the tube lights shattering it. Both of us ran into our rooms in panic.Later the Warden appears to have discussed the matter with Prem. I remember Prem calling me out of the class room and telling me some small fine has been imposed on both of us which we landed up paying.I still remember what he told me.Accept that we did it first. Dont dispute it at all. I did so and got out of any further crisis.

Prem where-ever you are you might remember this incident and how we solved it.

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