Friday, December 27, 2019


IN 1971 we as a family used to live in Gopal Building an housing complex with some eight or so small but elegant houses owned by a man by name Gopal.We stayed here for nine months in all and we moved into this house because it would be closer to School.In the rain my mother with her two sons; me and my younger brother would many times return from the ITI hospital after some treatment.It was a cosy house facing eastwards and the early morning Sun blazing straight into our eyes as Children.In 1971 there was a war with our neighbour and a special siren would ooze out of the ITI factory and the Police would ask us to shut the lights because ITI complex could be a target of the enemy.This was  a frightening thing for me as a child.This house brought us good luck as thereafter we moved into our own place of residence.

Living close to this house was a lad by name MOHAN..who was my senior at the Lowry Memorial High School and an Brahmin by descent and my mother had some special affection for him.There was something bizarre about this lad..he had lost his lower left foot when he was just four years of age and was sentenced to an artificial foot ever after in spite of which he was still bubbly and gleaming always.How did he loose his Limb.In an accident in front of the Lowry Memorial School upon crossing the whitefeild road to enter the school.In his own words he described to me at times how he was dragged by the truck a reasonable stretch on the road.

Much later we lost track of Mohan....but he later became very successful I was told at some form of business.The greatness of this lad is that for a reasonable period of time he used to come searching for my mother and our family once every year and discuss old times with great feeling and nostalgia.

Mohan if you are reading this from anywhere around the World just get in touch in some form.It would be splendid.

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