Thursday, September 19, 2019


At REC NIT Calicut in 1982 there was a student in the seventh semester by name Siddi Ganapathy Bhat.The day my admission process was underway it took some time into the night and my father and myself were distraught and tired as getting back to Calicut city at that hour would be an onerous task. Siddi Ganapathy Bhat knowing our predicament suo-moto suggested that we could stay in his hostel room as his room mate was away.So we spent the night in his C hostel room on the first floor facing the D hostel.Much later I used to meet him in his room in the D hostel. Later I came to know he lectured Electrical Engineering for many years at some Engineering College in Karnataka State.His brother Narayan Bhat was later a student at REC NIT Calicut.

I must thank the concern he showed for us at that juncture which is noteworthy and may be without much precedence.

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