Thursday, July 4, 2019


There are various yogic Asanas  and some practise them patiently every day and is some times a time consuming affair.

There is a very powerful Asana in Yoga which can be done very quickly and has enoromous health benefits. I request the world community young or old to spend five minutes almost every day to practise this Asana..It does not matter in which part of the world you might be or how rich or poor you are..this asana will improve mental and physical health.

Sarvangasan in sanskrit means the exercise of every organ of the body and this asan quickly contributes to this end. When you are at this Asan due to the posture blood flows very freely and quickly into brain cells bringing more oxygen to Brain tissues and when you arise from this asan from the elongated blood vessels of the brain the blood makes a gushy flow into other parts of the body creating a cleansing action.

I feel this Asana must be mandatorily  taught at all schools in the world so that it becomes a part of life of entire humanity.

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