Friday, March 15, 2019


Recently I met a police official posted on Election duty and remembered for myself my occupation as a Presiding Officer in one of the Lok Sabha bye-elections somewhere in 2002 where I had the post of Presiding Officer of one Election booth for a full day in Arakere on  Bannerghatta road.It was at a school which I may not right away recognise now.

The previous day I had to go to the Government college opposite to Central College and collect the election material that included an Electronic voting Machine.There  were many BMTC buses arranged and some training was given on how to operate a Electronic Voting Machine. Before long I found two police officials and another person who were supposed to assist me in the conduct of the election. No sooner I found myself at the booth in Arakere.

Senior Police officials would come off and on to discuss the activities the following day.The school was not fully equipped for the purpose I must say but managed to survive the night for the election the following day.

Slowly a stream of people started approaching the booth and i was overseeing the activities of accomplices and also the poll observers from various political parties.

There was nearly 70 percent voting and I sealed the voting machine and fortunately the various paper work could be completed in time and the voting machine was presented back to other officials at Maharani college.

It was an interesting experience I must say and I was happy with the competence with which I handled the job and remember walking alongside the Vidhana Soudha that night I think for a small get together and party.

I came to know later Mr.Deve Gowda was elected MP.

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