Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Some efforts of a concerted nature must be made to clean up the Vrushabavathy river and bring it back to its pristine glory and at the same time making use of it for modern good. Embankments have been built on the sides of the river at various points but the concern is about the effluents that mix with the water making it look black and foul.It is sad that this lake is sometimes called Kengeri Mori meaning drainage.What a fall from grace for a river which was almost a Goddess once upon a time.

It is nice that water treatment plants have been posted at various points on its line of flow ...the most important next step is to ensure that the water flowing is not dark in colour and it does not emit foul smell and the water must be of its natural colour.

Some proactive steps must be taken by the professionals in this area that Vrushabavathy looks like a river and not a drain while carrying effluents from the city.

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