Saturday, September 27, 2014


Many may not know that the Head Office of  ISRO is in Bangalore. I had visited this office personally at times on some work sometime in 1996 and even met Dr. Sinha at that time for some purpose.

ISRO has grown in leap and bounds especially over the past couple of years. Starting its first step to glory with Dr. Madhavan Nair and the foray into the moon and the recent mission to Mars. There are many outfits of ISRO in on the old Airport Road.......another inside the Peenya Industrial Area and there must be many more.

To my mind the growth of the internet and mobile telephony has had its catalystic effect on ISRO and has increased its efficiency many fold and has the potential now to partner constructively with the many other space forces of the World largely in the deployment of Satellites which could spur Satellite communications around the world. Outer Space may also be a technology of travel of the future.

ISRO puts India on the world map as a country rapidly advancing in Technology and the challenge of the future would also be to attract right minds to the Business of space.

It is ironical that all through the 1970..s there was a rhetoric that an institution like ISRO  was an unproductive wrong the buyers of this argument..Why should a poor country like India have a space outfit?   there must have been many Space enthusiasts of these times who saw somewhere in spite of all the opposition a future for Indian Space which has borne fruit.

The leaders who spearheaded this country post Independence deserve reverance at this juncture that they during the time of inception never felt India as poor but felt deep inside richness amidst temporary penury..and laid foundations for institutions like ISRO.....and this is what leadership is all about.

There could be fallout  of success in Space missions ..they would provide the basis of a very vibrant Aviation industry in the manufacture and processing of Aircraft.

It would be nice if  I can pin point the exact location of the ISRO Head office in is technically at a place called Sanjay Nagar....on approaching IISc from Mekhri Circle  take a right turn at Sadashivnagar police station and enter the New Bel Road and after the first major junction which is a traffic point and on descending further the major right turn ahead takes one to the office of ISRO.

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