Sunday, August 17, 2014


Few kilometers off the Mysore road is a place named in the vernacular as Dodda Aladha Mara..which translates into Big Banyan Tree.....a stand alone tourist spot some ten kilometres off the Mysore road. It is a large tree very close to the main road and comes imposing suddenly to a casual driver on this road. The government as fenced the tree and put seating inside this place for a tourist who specifically comes on a search. The origin of this tree might be many hundred years many centuries ago only a botanist can say. Possibly this entire area was a forest of the yore and with the expanding human civilization was on the receiving end of human concern that the tree is left untouched for posterity.

Any one looking for a peaceful retreat for about an hour would find this place of interest. They say there are many monkeys within its boundaries but on a full sun lit day this place could be exquisite.

How to reach this place .. If you are driving to Mysore from Bangalore after Kengeri you see the R R Dental college and turn right here into a road that is adjacent to this dental college...there is a railway gate here ..and from this point it is about say 10 kilometres through a beautiful sylvan setting and gradually you reach this place which could be termed magical.

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