Sunday, April 13, 2014


Some time back I had written about the Bangalore Palace..a majestic structure at a serene outreach of the city largely left to itself without recognition largely because access to this place is complex though an important life line of the city the Palace road and few other roads run closer to this structure.

There is a key encouraging fact to the situation...the possibility of setting up a   Palace Railway Station along the railway tracks.

Firstly such a station would make the Palace very accessible. Next it would serve as an important traffic de-congester. To my observation the Madras railway line necessarily does not touch key locations of the city namely the key roads of the city. The closest it gets is the Cantonment station and note that this station too is far flung to the city. On the other hand a Station at this point would make the Cunningham road quickly accessible and where-from the other parts of the town.

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