Sunday, January 5, 2014

My sad experience with the Indian Railways

I had a very bad experience with the Indian Railways in 1999...I had booked to travel to Kozhikode from  Bangalore by the Island express which had only one compartment to Mangalore that traverses via Kozhikode. I was mis informed that the only compartment was the first bogie and I also saw Mangalore written on it. My son Ganesh was barely two years can imagine..Only after the train commenced the journey does the TT tell me that it is not the first compartment but the last one...and one can imagine the confusion. With this little boy clasped in our hand we had to board the last compartment when the train stopped for a brief while at Hosur.

Who is responsible for such confusion ?   Proper Information oficers must be placed by the Railways that all kinds of right inputs are provided to passengers.

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