Monday, April 1, 2013

My experience with TERI

In the early 1990's on taking a stroll on the Palace road I noticed an office of TERI  the Tata Energy Research Institute and visited its Regional Director. Energy and its research were always dear to me and I thought of making an application for a post..I having graduated in Electrical Engineering that too from a Regional Engineering College a few years ago found an energy research organization apt to do work and contribute in.

The regional director gave me the address of Mr. R K Pachauri  who was the director and I promptly made an application the response for which came almost instantly and I was asked to appear for an interview at the palace Road office which I did promptly. Note that Mr. R K Pachauri was later a nobel laureate .

But what followed at the interview left me attempt by a bunch of people to prove that I simply knew nothing...a rapid fire session of a myriad of question in quick succession with very limited opening for me to comment on anything or respond with poise.Before long I made out that he has won and I had lost not withstanding my keenness for energy or my aptitude for some kind of research or my back ground and education in electrical engineering and in all possibility a not so encouraging note must have reached the head-office of TERI..and needless to say i was out.

When I  look back I feel bemused at the way the interview was held..a pin-pointed predetermined approach to prove I was simply not good. I have faced such interviewing procedures at many other organizations too..but some how this incident dawned on my mind and I thought of recording it as it forms some component of my experience in life and  Bangalore.

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