Saturday, March 16, 2013


Energy would be a key concern for humanity. Nothing works without energy and research has provided new sources of Energy..with depleting oil reserves and the difficulty associated with the posture of oil mankind than ever before is contemplating new sources of energy. A day may not be far when energy sources are available off the shelf to be plugged in our homes and vehicles.

In the seventh semester at Engineering college we had a course called "Direct Energy Conversion"..I received some kind of a email  emphasizing the role of energy in the future and I happened to connect the gravity of the situation with a course I learned long back, Oil might soon become a thing of the past and the future of humanity hinges on his collective ability to research and harness newer and cleaner sources of energy wisely and safely.

What is DIRECT ENERGY CONVERSION  ? it is converting some natural form of energy into usable one without the aid of rotating parts..not a new always existed but has become a specialized area or domain for study. Let me see if I can list at least  six such devices;

MHD   magneto hydro dynamics

wind power


solar power

peizo electric devices

tidal power

There are many in fact..I only remember these and more than anything else research is needed on these lines for betterment and improvement. In Bangalore city I have seen few electrically operated two-wheelers.a welcome change..a 12 hour battery charging would give 50 kilometers of ride..a difficult situation but never the less a pointer in some welcome direction.

The sooner the better the world must begin its metamorphosis in some form to use use of such energy devices; it can have large scale global and local ramifications both from a societal and regulatory view-point.

Among all the above devices I mentioned Solar power seems fascinating. (Let me add that I saw a wind power generator at the Bannerghatta national park a fully working model of direct energy conversion creating power exclusively for one of the buildings.). Solar power comes free round the year and it must be quickly investigated how Solar Power can replace conventional power devices both for home and traction. To some extent in my view point more than any other source of power the sun is the most reliable and easy to harness.

This means we want to see sun operated cars on the roads. Most cars are parked in the sun and the heat radiation on the walls of the vehicle must be tapped as storable energy which can drive or provide energy for a considerable amount of time. More than anything we need solar operated cars that work by tapping sun light on the go.

Hail the Sun..a day may not be too far when all the energy requirements of mankind come from
above as against below at the moment.

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