Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Placement; Re-placement; Mis-placement and Mal-placement of a B School product

"Placement" is one of the key concerns of students of B Schools and other professional schools and not without reason not only in India but around the world. B schools strive to give student an apt placement and students themselves do their best to get placed through their institutions or on their own. But note that there is a lot of difference between finding a job and being placed.The fundamental difference being that an educated and professional person is placed and has to be concerned about being placed and a person who does not have formal education or more than anything a professional education finds a job and there is a wide difference when translated into reality.

To come straight to the point; How can a B school product be placed well and what does that entail. Note that working career is a key component of life and influences the economic and psychological well-being of a person in the long term. A mid-career blue is when a person at a fairly advanced stage in life is yet to find something he can do and do well on a continuous basis.To overcome such a situation is a difficult and straining activity and students must start on the right note to be placed in a niche groove and dimension wherefrom he can derive long term benifits and at the same time diversify into related areas on demand. The modern day business world is poised to develop into a more formidable employer with time and there could be many companies started and operated from around the world in the years to come.

To be placed well somewhere follow the following guidelines;

= At a B school do not be worried about placement during the first year of study but build a fairly strong academic base on the various subjects studied.

=At the end of the first year take a good stock of your skills and abilities as they become evident from academic performances and choose specializations around areas of strength.

= Build skills around these areas of speializations and have a fair exposure of cases in your chosen field of specializations.

= Attend all interviews as a matter of experience with an open mind. If rejected by any organization there is nothing to be diassappointed about; your skills have market value.

= It is the job of interviewers to do a very well informed and thorough and professional job about the recruiting process. They should send people who have vast years of experience and maturity.

= When made offers please clarify with the interviewing team about the location; package and the nature of work and training. Do not accept offers instantly. Always take some time to evaluate the offer and respond.

= Study the web site of the company; evaluate the professionalism of the interviewers and talk to atleast two present employees about the general state of affairs of the organization.At any stage you find the organization is not good think twice before joining the place.

=Always bargain for the correct kind of designation otherwise you will find yourself in a lop-sided situation. If you have two years of experience before your B school course always ensure you get the right kind of designation vis-a-vis your experience.

= Never pretend during the interviewing process of any skills or abilities you do not possess. This can lead to serious difficulties in the future.

= When young volunteer to go and stay in far-off places. Such experiences can be of help in the future. Do not always follow the home-town syndrome.

Placement is a matter of trial and error and is iterative in nature over a period of time. This means you start around some logical point and improve upon it over time by capitalizing on your skills and more than anything your strengths.

What is mis-placement ? Student had taken both Marketing and HR and appeared for both the interviews on these streams; The student liked HR more than Marketing but landed at a Marketing job and gets to know over a period of time that he would have enjoyed HR better and is struggling to take a lateral shift. Here there is likelihood of a long term crisis.

What is Replacement? Student did not do proper research and landed up on some vocation and understands there is an immediate crisis arising from cost-of-living issues or cultural issues and needs to be replaced on an urgent basis. Re-placement is worse than mis-placement. It is a short term crisis.

What is Mal-placement? This is a situation where the employer has to be blamed. He appoints the son of his friend who has just passed out of B School on some job to the detriment of both the lad and the organization. Getting into some position using influence-- a very dangerous thing but very much in vogue across the world. The pay is good and the environs are right but the lad simply does not perform from the huge responsibility shouldered on him leading to various conflicts.

The answer to all these situations is care ; preparation; self-profiling and astute understanding so that B school students build a long term career adding value both to themselves and the organizations they work for ,and the economy of the nation in the larger context.

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