Thursday, September 29, 2022


 Managing Banks and Financial Institutions

1. Bank and Banking: 

Permissible banking activities – Types of banks in India – Role of RBI as a regulator –

Money Market Instruments- Concept of NPA and Prudential Norms.

2. The Insurance Service 

Need and importance Life and non-life insurance-Players in life and non-life insurance –

Essentials of insurance contracts – Risk appraisal and selection – Life and non-life

insurance products including unit linked plans – Role of IRDA.

3. Merchant Banking: 

SEBI guidelines for merchant bankers (basic ideas) – Issue Management – Equity

issues – Rights issues – Debenture Issues – Book building – Private Placements – Pre &

Post issues activities – Raising capital from International markets: ADRs, GDRs, ECB

etc. (Basic concepts).

4. Lease and Hire purchase: 

Meaning and Types of leasing – Legislative frameworks – Matters on Depreciation and

Tax – Problems on leasing – Hire Purchasing – Concepts and features – Tax and

Depreciation implications – Problems on Hire Purchasing.

5. Credit Rating : 

Definition and meaning – Process of credit rating of financial instruments-Rating

methodology-Rating agencies-Rating Symbols of different companies- Role of SEBI.

6. Mutual Funds: 

Concept - Types - Nature – NAV – Trends in Indian Mutual Fund Market -Regulatory

Framework and Role of SEBI.

7. Other Financial Institutions:

NBFC- Public Financial Institutions- Foreign Institutional Investors

8. Global Banking- Basel Norms:

Recent Trends

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