Wednesday, August 4, 2021



Murdeshwar  is a sacred spot some hundred kilometers from Udupi and is also a place of religious significance and has a temple which is said to be very old and dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a place worth visiting once. The temple is set on a hillock adjacent to the sea in the form of some kind of a peninsula.

The modern day attraction of this place is a large statue of Lord Shiva erected some twenty years ago and visible from a distance. In the night the entire statue and temple is lit with flood lite creating an heavenly experience.

There are many ways to reach this place. One route is via Shimoga and the other is via Mangalore. If one is to take the route from Mangalore it would be Mangalore to Udupi to Kundapur to Bhatkal and the next stop is Murdeshwar gate. The temple is some four kilometers inward from the highway towards the sea.

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