Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bangalore Palace

The above is a view of the Bangalore Palace..Majestic in its composure and view and appears to be a structure built on Victorian Style. It has a large lawn and a spacious yard inside. There is a Palace Road that used to run directly into this place once upon a time and possibly before Independence there is railway line that disrupts this road very near to the Palace gates thereby motoring into the palace difficult from this road. There are not many tourists that thwart  this place as it is seen as a private property but could be thrown open to public on a regular basis and is a spot worth viewing at least once.

Any visitor who is in Bangalore and wants to visit this place Bangalore golf course or the Windsor Manor hotel would be the land mark. This road directly empties into the Mekhri circle and in the junction ahead much before the Mekhri Circle take a U turn and  before Windsor Manor there is a road that proceeds left straight into the palace. One can motor oneself using this approach. However if you would like to use a BMTC bus ask for Mount Carmel College and crossing the railway tracks on foot one is inside the palace.  Take care while crossing these tracks as they are twin tracks with possibility of trains on both the tracks.

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