Saturday, March 18, 2023


In many countries around the world there are passenger transport buses that even travel upto six thousand Km  ferrying commuters. In India the road transport sector has undergone metamorphosis with the introduction of volvo bus services   and   add to that the  development  of  road and other support systems .  The railway lines in India is a preferred mode of travel due to economies of scale and even airways which is well burdened with traffic.

In India to my observation we have not come of age in long distance bus services which can help in rapid growth of the Economy. Highways and roadlines are corridors of various kinds of commerce and add to quick economic expansion owing to the various forms of flexibilities they provide.

The Central Government must actively consider creating a NATIONAL EXTRA LONG DISTANCE TRANSPORT SERVICE which basically focusses on introducing long distance passenger bus services that connect key cities and strive to make it economically viable. This can be done with the co-operation of State Governments. What this precisely means is passenger bus services from Bengaluru (Bangalore) to say New Delhi, Bangaore to Kolkata and the like. This service must come under a central authority which focusses on all aspects of Quality and viability.

There are many private operators they say that operate such routes and the same operations must be done by the Government as well.

Such a service properly handled with time will provide drastic improvement in economic indices like employment  and open doors for various forms of acculterisation  and growth.

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