Friday, December 2, 2016


For nearly a month I taught at the Impact Polytechnic at Kodihalli near Bellary road and Hebbal.More precisely in January 1988.It was a nice experience.

Impact literally means  Institute for Manpower Planning and Career Training and is the brain child of Mr.Mathullah a retired Squadron Leader of the Indian Air Force.I used to enjoy a constructive relationship with this man during my stay at this place.He used to drive around in a white Ambassador car.

Recently I was in Vijayanagar and happened to meet a young  Muslim girl who studied Telecommunication at the Impact Engineering College  and immediately remembered about this place.

Mr.Mathullah used to be a creative personality with a lofty mind and always educated people who came into his contact. He had an assistant by name Mr. Chako who also was a retired Air Force person.

I used to teach  Material Science at this place and even remember a student Chankya Vyas.

Thank-You Mr.Mathullah for this oppurtunity and I used to have very long drives in the morning and evening from Doorvaninagar to  Kodihalli and back.There were no Ring Roads during this time.

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