Monday, June 24, 2013


...The above is a KSTDC  bus..KSTDC means  KARNATAKA STATE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. It has an office at George Oakes Building  near City Market opposite BBMP at N R Square. The word George Oakes would need some research as to what transpired in this building in Victorian days..apparently it must have been some kind of a trading office.This building is also called Badami House.Contact Phone -  080 4334 4334

This KSTDC bus station fills me with nostalgia..there used to be a KSTDC bus to CALICUT in the late 1980.s only to be discontinued later and I have traveled by these buses many times and the Calicut buses were largely luxurious and comfortable. One good thing to my observation  is that these buses are never late .

On the 14th of August 1986 I was travelling from Calicut to Bangalore in a KSTDC bus....there was a junior male student alongside and Sheela Furtado and a junior architecture female student who lived somewhere near Cox town were seated in the front seats. Somewhere as the bus approached the Bandipur forests trucks and buses approaching from the opposite direction were constantly warning us of a lone tusker somewhere adjacent to the road. Many a times I have encountered Elephants on this route in the day-time but this was in the night around 2 -o-clock and I being of a more inquisitive variety moved into the drivers cabin and could see the tusker on the road almost into half of the road but the driver of the bus who appeared to be adept to such occurrences did not halt but deviated around the elephant in a quick swirl and sped ahead.

I must have traveled by these buses many times..and remember learning to draw a pin-type insulator sitting in the waiting hall of this bus station and noting to my charm that the same question appeared in the Drawing Exam next morning.

I don't know how the Services are now...KSTDC regularly conducts various kinds of tours. Please visit the web site      and travelling by them at-least once is worth-the-while.

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