Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NIT Karnataka Suratkal REC Suratkal

NIT Suratkal has a spcial place in my heart..and it will always have a place. I still remember the corridors of this institute and the wait outside during the selection process and in a nail-biting finish I got an opportunity to enter the chamber of the selection committee and say i would go to Calicut REC to study Electrical Engineering..What a relief at having got a seat and the admission order from this place. Mr. Mahadevan was the principal at this time.I must specially register the courteous behavior I got from the administrative staff at this place.

Among all the NIT's in India it is said that this NIT stands out and is the best..may be I cannot vouch for it because I was never a formal student here..but the Campus stands out as a precious jewel vis-a-vis any campus in the country in its design and orientation and NIT K Suratkal please accept my appreciation for your meticulous efforts  at maintaining such a campus. Splendid in its design...immaculate in its disposition..authentic in its posture...and flawless in its maintenance.

If  I were to compare NIT Calicut and NIT Suratkal  there are many similarities. Both have a highway intersecting the institute; both are away from town; both have magnificient buildings but NIT Calicut has higher clustering. The differences would be that NIT Suratkal is on a sea shore..the hostels and the academic buildings are more displaced in NIT Suratkal and NIT Suratkal has well maintained and ordained gardens and to my observation NIT Calicut  might be marginally larger than NIT Suratkal.

When on visits to this place I take special pleasure at sipping tea watching the sea from the tea shop atop the main building of NIT Suratkal and also on entry to the main lobby I find some sayings of Nehru prominently written which adds to the posture of this college and may be NIT Calicut must follow suit to put such sayings at the entry point of the Main Building.....note that institutes of these kinds would not have come into existence had it not been for the vision of people like Nehru.The last time I was at this place atop the main building I happened to interact for quite some time with a professor of Applied Mechanics , a Keralite with a doctorate in Applied Mechanics. I don't recall his name fully well may be it was mr. Hari Kumar. 

NIT Calicut must put some efforts at creating gardens of the like seen in  Suratkal which would add to the aura and ambiance and such an effort is long overdue.

Any one who is reading this and would like to know how to reach NIT Suratkal then the following would be of use.

Suratkal is a village some 15 kilometers from the city of Mangalore on the Mangalore-Udupi highway. Mangalore is around 08 hours by bus from Bangalore and 24 hours by bus from Mumbai.When at Mangalore take buses that go to Udupi preferably from the private bus stand. NIT Suratkal is not exactly at Suratkal village but the next stop which is the hostel gate and the stop that follows this is the main gate stop. Once you are at this place do not forget to sip tea or have a cool drink atop the institute and take a quiet look at the sea and one would feel a combination of leisure and business at this place.

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