Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zila Sainik Welfare Board Kozhikode Calicut

There is a place in Calicut Kozhikode that is dear to me..The ex-servicemen welfare office..also called the Sainik Welfare board. The secretary of the Board was Capt. K T Srinivasan a relative and I used to frequent this place. Captain as  I used to call him used to behave sternly at the outset but gradually we became more of friends. How did this place help was a resting point or transit point for me at Calicut Kozhikode at times. What does this office do? it basically takes care of the welfare of ex-servicemen  in the district.

It used to be a large sprawling campus with a elaborate office all some half an acre and was tucked few yards away from the main road adjacent to the Rajendra Nursing home close to the Malabar Christian College.  Capt K T Srinivasan was some kind of an influential person  in the congress party circles of  Kerala and using a reference letter from him I had met Mullapally Ramachandran in Delhi who is the present Minister of State for Home.I met a retired Colonel AVM Achutan who was in-charge of presidential guards for some time in Delhi. I have also interacted with the PS of Mullapally Ramachandran Shri  P S Money who is an IAS officer.I went to meet the Minister again at his residence 263 south avenue but was prevented by his PA from doing so and later had to correspond with him.This was somewhere in 1991-92. I have also closely interacted with a writer who is well known in this part of the world by name 'Thikkodian".I have also visited the house of Mr. Thikkodian. Captain was known for the huge parties he used to throw at times. Captain did take me once to the house of a Dy SP of police by name Mr. Narayanan some where close to this part of  Calicut . I had also met Col. Ayilath a retired military officer here.

Mullapally Ramachandran present Hon. MOS for Home

For some reason this place was dear to me and I just happened to remember has offered me comfort and retreat at times when the situation was difficult or uncertain.


Any one who wants to visit this place in Calicut ask for Rajendra Nursing Home near Malabar Christian College and this spot must be some 06 kilometers from main Calicut bus stand.

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